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Beatles' album Sergeant Pepper - this is the original UK 1967 stereo issue with the black and yellow Parlophone labels with the £ sign.  It has the IN/IN matrixes and the sheet of cut-outs of the moustache, Sgt Pepper picture card, Army stripes, badges, and the Sgt Pepper's band stand up.  It's a gatefold sleeve with a beautiful photo of the band in Sgt Pepper uniforms against a yellow background.  Back cover is red with the lyrics.  Every single track is a famous Beatles classic and this is an essential for any serious Beatles collector to own.  The cut-out sheets are in excellent condition.  This is the cover containing many famous faces, and the one causing controversy/interest around the myth of Paul McCartney and the guitar floral arrangement.

LP format, Stereo version

Label:  EMI Parlophone (black and yellow with a £ sign)  Catalogue No:  PCS 7027

Condition:  EX/EX


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