For grading our records we don't use Mint as a grade, although many of our records graded EX are in fact near Mint or Mint.  We grade covers first and vinyl second e.g. EX/EX means the cover is EX and the vinyl is EX - VG/EX would mean the cover is Very Good and the vinyl EX.


Our grades are:

EX - Excellent.  Clean blemish free vinyl/cover.  Any defects will be very minor. 
NEX - Near EX.  Minor defects only.  Very close to an EX grading.
VG - Very good.  Defects but a playable/enjoyable record. 
G - Good.  Noticeable defects and possibly a deterioration in sound quality   
F - Fair. Heavily used and poor sound quality.

If you are looking for a Mint or near-mint copy please Contact Us to verify condition as many of our records graded as EX are in fact mint or near-mint.




All our 45s graded VG or under have been played to ensure that they are playable and produce a sound appropriate for the grading.
Where a 45 has a picture sleeve then there will two gradings in the description eg ex/ex. If a 45 does not have a picture sleeve but has a company sleeve or a plain white sleeve then there will be one grade in the description e.g ex
We always try and supply an appropriate company sleeve where possible but if we can't we will supply a new plain white sleeve.
If you are uncertain whether or not a 45 has a picture sleeve and this is important to you please Contact Us prior to ordering to establish the facts.