About us

Acousticsoup have been dealers in Rare Records/Vinyl for over 20yrs.  Based in the North West of England, we have over 67,000 items at our disposal, proudly selling everything from Abba to Zappa.  The albums on this site are a mere fraction of our total stock so do Contact Us if you're looking for something you don't see here - it's likely in our warehouse.  This particularly applies while our Elves are frantically populating this new site with our Products - don't miss out just because you don't see it here yet, do get in touch! 


We're collectors too and believe the experience of buying records should be as pleasurable as the experience of collecting/owning them.  We know the importance of getting the grading right and getting packages in the post quickly.  Most items are shipped within 48hrs and often quicker than that.  We're happy to discuss any aspect of a purchase prior to transaction - use Contact Us or drop us an email at acousticsoup@acousticsoup.net.


Through our online store, we also aim to share our knowledge and provide interesting information as well as the usual important label and Catalogue numbers.  We want you to enjoy browsing and learning about albums as well as somewhere to buy.  Check out our Blog where we will share our knowledge of albums and artists ...and we apologise respectfully in advance to artists if we get anything wrong!  Our knowledge frequently comes not only from our years of experience but also from actually being there at the time.  Sometimes that gives you a different view of the world!  We'd love it if you'd Follow/Like us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our - hopefully - interesting articles on all things music.  


Our love of records also passionately extends to the artwork involved in producing some incredible album covers.  Frequently not appreciated at the time, we want to be a catalyst for you to gain an appreciation for the people behind this artwork and encourage people to treasure it for future generations.  Our current Banner photograph is a very respectful homage to Nick Twedell and Pete Brown who created the incredible artwork for The Small Faces album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, and also Martin Sharp's wonderful cover for Cream's album Disrali Gears.


We hope you find using our store to be an enjoyable experience - happy collecting!