Bob Dylan - Of Young Age

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A Bob Dylan bootleg album 'Of Young Age'.  Released in 1983, it's a limited edition album of 600 numbered copies of which this album is number 0124 pressed on black wax.  The first 20 copies were pressed on blue coloured vinyl.  The albums are numbered on the front cover and on the album label - so a key thing when buying is to ensure both those numbers match.  Tracks 1-5 were recorded at Riverside Church, NYC on 29th July 1961 and tracks 6-11 recorded at Carnegie Chapter Hall, NYC on 4th Nov 1961.

LP format

Label:  Bootleg/Unauthorised;  Catalogue No:  in the wax: BD-006; Album No: 0124

Country of Origin:  Germany

Condition: EX/EX


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